Voice over IP (VoIP)

With Voice over IP (VoIP), phone communication is transmitted over an Internet connection instead of traditional voice lines. 

Our VoIP is available over a POPP Internet connection or another ISP or, for maximum protection against an outage, both.  All VoIP installations are AFO (Automatic Failover) ready.  If implemented, POPP will automatically route voice traffic over your secondary connection if your primary Internet connection experiences a service outage.  

How it works
In order to utilize Internet connection(s) to complete voice calls, POPP installs a VoIP Management Device and a VoIP Gateway Appliance at the clients’ place of business. The VoIP Management Device allows POPP to perform 24x7 monitoring and remote troubleshooting, as well as Quality of Service (QoS). It can integrate with a client's existing on-site phone system, or it can be part of a complete hosted phone system solution. 

Configuration Options
VoIP can be setup in one of 3 ways: 

  • Over a POPP Internet Connection: Voice traffic uses a POPP Internet connection, which is optimized for quality all the way from our Network Operations Center (NOC) to your phone room.
  • Over Another ISP’s Connection: Voice traffic uses another Internet Service Provider’s connection and the public Internet to travel from your phone room to POPP’s NOC. While the voice quality using this method is typically flawless, POPP is not able to guarantee network quality as most of the network is controlled by the other ISP.
  • Over Multiple ISPs with Automatic Failover: If clients have multiple internet connections, one of the connections is typically designated as the primary VoIP connection, and the other connection is designated as the primary Internet connection. If one connections fails, Automatic Failover will move all traffic over to the working connection. Traffic is automatically reverted to the original path once service has been restored. 

Integration with on-site phone system
VoIP can integrate with most existing on-site phone systems, including those that use PRI (Primary Rate Interface), SIP Trunk (Session Initiation Protocol), APL (Analog Phone Line), or CAS (Channel Associated Signaling) technology.  

Cloud IP Phone Systems
A cloud IP phone system offers all the benefits of an on-site system, but with minimal start-up costs, zero maintenance and easy scalability. POPP hosts the hardware and software in our Network Operations Center, and clients have easy Admin access via a client portal. Feature-rich phones are available for lease or purchase.  

Unified Communication
VoIP users can take advantage of Unified Communication technology, which turns mobile devices into extensions of the primary phone system. Call forwarding, transferring and data collection can now happen with the installation of an app.